We all know that heart health is important so we exercise, watch
what we eat, maybe even practice mindfulness. But there’s
another aspect to healthy hearts that we may not always
practice, but it is just as important to our health.

In this case, it’s not about romantic love – or at least not entirely.
Love in its many forms, from the familiarity of good friends to the
sometimes-you-don’t-always-feel-it-but-it’s-there love of long-
term relationships. Spending time with loved ones – family and
friends alike – can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood
pressure and may even improve our cardiovascular health.

In the case of love, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.
Health psychology explains that it is the quality of our
relationships and even how we feel about ourselves that really

“We long to be told that we matter, whether by a friend, a family
member or even a coworker,” she said. “We do better when we
know that someone in our lives sees and appreciates us.”

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