I’m going to attempt to talk about something intangible. The way a
song makes you feel. And I don’t mean easily labeled feelings like

happy, or sad, or wistful. I mean the strange, nameless, sometimes
overwhelming feeling you have in your guts when you hear a song
you really, really like.

Sometimes it’s a warm feeling, like a pancake-flip in your stomach.
Sometimes it’s an urgent tightening of your chest that makes you
stop everything you’re doing to listen.

It’s a heightening of senses, an interruption of thoughts, a
visitation from another planet.

It’s like falling in love. And like love, there is no rationalising it.
Some songs just have that magic.

Your favourite songs won’t be exactly the same as mine. Sonic
beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Like the person you fall
in love with, these songs can
take you by surprise — as likely to turn up on a weird demo or b-
side as at the top of the charts.

And once you’ve been hooked, like the first rush of love, it can
bring on a sort of madness.

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