SANJANA sangni

The actor on her upcoming work, philanthropic endeavours with children, and walking the ramp for cancer warriors. We last saw the star in 2020, when she made her debut opposite Sushant Singh Rajput in Dil Bechara. And while she works on plenty upcoming projects, her social media spills of the fashionista the young star has become. In this interview with Cosmopolitan India, she talks about her work in the last two years—both in films and fashion—and what truly moves her soul. It has been a while since we saw you on the screen. What have you been working on, and when do we see you on the screen next? Sanghi: Dhak Dhak! That is a passion project scheduled to release early 2023. And I am also leaving for my next outdoors in the coming weeks, and hopefully will be able to tell you more about it really soon!


Along With All the Work You Do as An Actor.

you are also a passionate advocate for education and children welfare. Why these specific endeavours, and how are they integrated with your daily life and work I don’t think I chose these endeavours, they chose me. I have dedicated a large part of my life hoping and dreaming that every child in India gets an education, because I know how education changed my life. When things were down and out, when things were not okay, whether at home or out, I used to turn to books, and life used to seem great again. And so, I partner with NGOs across the country, and wish that every child can make their dream come true. Varun Bahl’s recent showcase for the Festival of Hope Foundation, which you walked for, then really ties in with your philanthropic side… That this showcase is a partnership between Varun Bahl and the Festival of Hope Foundation, to work towards creating a cancer-free world makes it extremely special. Nothing can be more empowering than fashion meeting an urgent cause, and this checks all the right boxes.

Why Did you Decide to Be part of this Endeavour? How do you Think The Showcase Will Help The Cause?

It was an absolute no-brainer. Personally, when playing Kizie Basu in Dil Bechara, I got to spend a lot of time with young cancer survivors and understand their lives and struggles. So when Varun; whose clothes I absolutely love might I add, especially the New Leaf collection; told me of this initiative, I was immediately on board And I would hope that the funds and awareness that we raised from this helps cancer survivors from underprivileged communities because the Festival of Hope Foundation is especially focused on that. The idea is to let them know that they are not alone, that we are all with them, and with small steps like these we can make their journey just a little easier. For me, the idea of giving back to the society also entails learning from the process. So perhaps it is also selfish. It is the joy I feel when I’m with children, and when I see their dreams come true. It’s the hope to make and create a better world. At a time when actors are shying away from being called influencers, you have embraced that aspect of your career. Could you take us through your journey in the film and fashion industry so far and how you juggle both? I actually still do not associate myself as an influencer, because it is such a specialised job. And we have people who are doing it brilliantly. I am an actor, which also comes with great access to the public and fans, and I hope and work to use that platform in as many ways as possible—whether it is with fashion or my movies, they are all part of that journey.

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