Summer love has been sung about by everyone from Olivia Newton-
John and John Travolta to Andre 3000. It’s referenced to death on
TV, in movies, and in pop culture. Still, every year, we can’t help it:
When the warm weather creeps in, it sends a signal to our bodies
that we need to free ourselves from the darkness of winter and get
out there and mingle.

Summer is filled with opportunities to meet people. It’s an incredibly
social season! Just think of all the barbecues, vacations, pool days,
and impromptu happy hours that occur during the summer simply
because it’s sunny out. You meet new and exciting people at these
gatherings, and often times, you hit it off. It’s that mystery and
intrigue of someone new that sparks summer love. But there’s also a
scientific aspect to that kind of intense short-term attraction—yes,

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