Falling for someone new is a feeling unlike any other. Experiences like
sharing that first kiss, getting butterflies in your stomach whenever you
think about them, and wanting to talk about the person all the time
somehow never get old. With a new love interest comes a restored
sense of promise. And speaking of renewed hope, is it just me, or is
falling in love in the summer even better than falling in love during any
other season? It’s fairly easy to see why summer love is different. The
sun is constantly shining, days are longer, and school is out, so you’re
already in a good mood. Sure, fall has snuggle weather and winter has
romantic snow days, but during the summer you can actually spend
time together outside. And it’s a scientific fact that Vitamin D from the
sun is good for your health and overall happiness.
Most of the time, summer love might more accurately be called a
summer fling. Part of what makes it so enticing is that there isn’t a lot
of talk about commitment or “the future.” It’s about enjoying the
moment and not thinking past Labor Day.

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