Soundarya Sharma, who has appeared alongside Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh, has become a hot topic to talk about in the town. She is currently in the famous Hindi reality show and her romance with boyfriend Gautam Vij has become viral on the internet.
In the clip, the actress is seen sitting on Gautham’s lap and getting romantic. The lovebirds are lost in each other. Other contestants in the house were calling their relationship fake. A few days back. There was a huge fight between the couple. But now once again these two have come close to each other.


Soundarya Sharma was seen along with Bhojpuri singer-actor Pawan Singh in the romantic song ‘Tumsa Koi Pyaara’. It also stars Lekha Prajapati in the video. It is sung by Priyanka Singh and the actor himself. The song is written by Raushan Singh Vishwas and the music is composed by Priyanshu Singh.

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