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California to Tax Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness

What makes California’s decision somewhat surprising is that even though its existing statutes indicate taxability for student loan forgiveness, state consensus previously ran in the opposite direction. Nevertheless, according to the Tax Foundation, it has confirmed that discharged student loan debt will be taxed under current California law. Additionally, existing state provisions exempting student loans that were canceled as part […]

Why hearing your favourite songs makes you feel like you’re in love.

I’m going to attempt to talk about something intangible. The way asong makes you feel. And I don’t mean easily labeled feelings like happy, or sad, or wistful. I mean the strange, nameless, sometimesoverwhelming feeling you have in your guts when you hear a songyou really, really like. Sometimes it’s a warm feeling, like a pancake-flip in your stomach.Sometimes it’s […]