Author: Hrithik


We all know that heart health is important so we exercise, watchwhat we eat, maybe even practice mindfulness. But there’sanother aspect to healthy hearts that we may not alwayspractice, but it is just as important to our health. In this case, it’s not about romantic love – or at least not entirely.Love in its many forms, from the familiarity of […]

Why hearing your favourite songs makes you feel like you’re in love.

I’m going to attempt to talk about something intangible. The way asong makes you feel. And I don’t mean easily labeled feelings like happy, or sad, or wistful. I mean the strange, nameless, sometimesoverwhelming feeling you have in your guts when you hear a songyou really, really like. Sometimes it’s a warm feeling, like a pancake-flip in your stomach.Sometimes it’s […]

Summer Love Is a Real Thing

Summer love has been sung about by everyone from Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta to Andre 3000. It’s referenced to death onTV, in movies, and in pop culture. Still, every year, we can’t help it:When the warm weather creeps in, it sends a signal to our bodiesthat we need to free ourselves from the darkness of winter and getout there […]