Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and thus, we are more than happy to bring you the most romantic tales of your beloved Punjabi stars via special series – LoveMoments. Today, we bring to you the story of Punjabi gabru – Harrdy Sandhu, his lady love Zenith Sidhu, and a beautiful Valentine note Harrdy Sandhu and Zenith Sidhu have been known to share sweet love notes and pictures on social media. Though each of the posts by them is heartwarming, the one that caught our attention is without a doubt is the sweetest. This note was posted by Zenith in 2019 on Valentine’s Day The note read – “Hey bby❤️…i dunn knw frm whr should i start…we hv knwn eachother since we were kids….but honestly it seems like yesterday….it’s been 19 years…we r all grown up now…but it does’nt look like…we use to sit on the same bench in the classroom…we hv dne the most stupidest and wierdest things together…tht we r nvr gonna frgt…it seems like a dream….we had to change countries bx of careers…but we never changed…inside we r still those same two kids who fell in love….who dint knw wht to do with this life…and where thy r gonna be …but promised to hold each others hand no matter what….we hv seen tough times too…but it has made us even more stronger…bt the adventure dsnt stop…we still hv a lot left on our bucket list…tht we hv to do…till we r here on ths planet earth….cheers to more adventure❤️….thnx fr loving me unconditionally…thnx fr always being by my side no matter wht….lv ya bby to the moon🌙 and bck….. Happy valentines❤️” Alongside the note, Zenith shared some of the most adorable pictures of her and Harrdy together Now we don’t know which is sweeter, the pictures or the note. All we know is that this is something that is sure to stir in more romance in the season of love.

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